The problems of "closed protocol" systems.

Unlike many of our national competitors, we only install "open protocol" systems. These are systems made by manufacturers that support readily available detectors and equipment from a wide range of suppliers. This means that the cost of replacements is always competitive and those capable of replacing them are not limited to "chosen companies" who will have a financial tie up with the manufacturer of the equipment they use.

A technique often used by the suppliers of "closed protocol" equipment is to install it at, or below cost in the knowledge that the customer will then be tied to them for any maintenance and expansion to the system and it is then that you find exorbitant replacement parts and labour charges and that you have no options but to use the installing company.

Being in a far flung area of the UK these costs can be astronomical and the time required to get an engineer to you can be unacceptably long.

We know that by using an open protocol and keeping our replacement and maintenance charges reasonable and by only covering Cornwall, thus ensuring a rapid response to problems, that the overall cost to you, the customer, will in fact end up cheaper and the response be better, than going to a closed protocol system where all your future choices are effectively removed.